Generally diabetes defined as an elevation of the fasting blood glucose (sugar) more than 125 mg/dl. This condition usually starts later in life. In contrast to type I diabetes where the pancreas doesn’t produce insulin the main feature of this condition is the fact that the body becomes resistant to insulin. In other words the pancreas produces enough insulin and even more than normally but the tissues (mostly skeletal muscles) are not able to absorb the glucose despite the abundant amount of insulin in the blood. In other words the tissues are suffering from lack of sugar inside their cells while there is a large amount of sugar in the blood. From the diabetes’ stand point the skeletal muscles are the main consumer of the glucose. Physical exercise stimulates muscle cells to be more sensitive to insulin and as a result will absorb more glucose from the blood, which is why it is vital to incorporate physical activity into your daily lifestyle. Also it is important to know that weight gain can be one of the signs of increasing insulin resistance. The usual symptoms of type II diabetes are thirst, increased urinary frequency and urine volume, weight gain.

Again the usual complications of type II diabetes are the same as with type one, which are heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, often requiring hemodialysis, vision loss, and poor circulation in the lower extremities, which frequently ends with leg amputations.

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